About the Author

My names are Joseph Gift Ogbanje, I am universal from California, My Parents are Africans and I have minor degrees in Electrical Engineering and graphic design while major was in health care Management. I am a great Soccer player and played all my life, but I am also a comedic genius and did comedy for parts of my life. I am a strong believer of love and love everybody I come across, I am 21years of age and a soccer expert and life coach with a blog celebrating the history of the game. my early schooling days was in Nigeria West Africa and I Basically Grew Up in San Bernadino / Riverside California, where I won the State Championship for My city San Bernadinho and studied in California Baptist University/ California State University San Bernadino. I am a strong advocate for global warming and believe in nature, planting of trees and more train use. Most things I try doing I tend to stand out and my birth name is Gift meaning Gift of God given to me by my great Mother as I believe names tend to follow children. I am a dreamer and My name is Joseph so I could be called Joseph the dreamer as I believe a man only dies when he stopes to dream, this is why I am Joseph the dreamer, to dream is life everlasting as a working mind never stops to dream.