About the Book

THE ASE – The Myth and Reality of God and Man

Author: Joseph Ogbanje

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This book is more about a summary of my life and how life connects to galaxies and stars and the various names that could be emblamed on one through family lineage, Spiritual encounters and experiences and through friends based on their respect for one. it also shows the intertwining amongst cultures as the human origin can trace its origin from one God and one kind the Human Race. through Myths, Legends And storytelling we sometimes find the long-lasting answer to the question the meaning of life? through life experiences I was able to redefine the meaning of life and our world with many life experiences to help readers connect with me through one story or another with the help of critical thinking and reason. The stories in this book are not made up, sometimes we see a person who does a simple thing in an extraordinary manner which leaves us at owe, these are the true Legends as we cannot help but remember their extra ordinary achievements from time to time. It could be during their birth days or their erection of a statue at some point time place or event we just have to remember these Great Men, that is what this book teaches and portrays, it raises consciousness that life is evaluated and an excellent evaluation is mostly due to extraordinary achievements or sometimes just basic thighs done rightly. A Great Man once said it is not